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Fight back

It seems as though every week another business announces a security breach. For business owners, it’s an increasing concern a problem that is growing rapidly.

In the past, cyber attackers typically targeted a single large organization with the hopes of landing one significant payout. Today, hackers target numbers of smaller firms in order to yield multiple smaller payouts—and it’s a system that is working.

Antivirus protection is an important defense, but it is not enough. The hackers keep getting through.

So what do you do about it? Easy. You take the fight to them.

Hunt hackers down

Traditional antivirus security products focus on keeping hackers out. But what happens when someone breaks through? In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, security experts are encouraging organizations to assume that a compromise has already taken place.

That’s where Huntress comes in. Developed by ex-NSA hackers, our Managed Detection and Response service augments your existing security measures by proactively seeking out potential footholds and hiding methods.

The process is simple. First, our lightweight software agent will gather data and submit it to our cloud for analysis. From there, our highly skilled team and algorithms will review the data to identify any potential threats. If a breach is detected, Huntress provides your IT partner, SecureMyFirm with a report and step-by-step instructions to remediate the threat.

The best part? You and your staff won’t need any specialized and costly training.

About Huntress Guard Dogs

Operated by Operators

Our threat operations team is comprised of former data breach testers and reverse engineers with over a decade of advanced forensic security experience.

Plays Well With Others

Our active threat hunting system works seamlessly with your current antivirus software.

We Do The Heavy Lifting

Our algorithms and experts actively hunt for hackers, identifying and reporting their footholds and hiding methods.

Turnkey Remediation

When a threat is detected, SecureMyFirm receives step-by-step instructions on how to eliminate it once and for all.

Installs in Seconds

Huntress software installs in seconds and does not slow down your computers or users.