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  • Ransomware and other threats?

  • Business losses and downtime?

  • Aggravation and stress from cyber attacks?

  • Loss of files from a computer failure?

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Small firms need defenses equal to big firm defense
Small firms need defenses equal to big firm defense

Because you have a dilemma that we solve:

-- You face the same cyber crime threats and disasters that bigger firms face.

-- But your small firm can't afford the pricey, elaborate protections they have.

Our solution to your dilemma:

You get affordable, state-of-the art protection.

We contract for highly effective cybersecurity services in large quantities.

So you get the strong defenses you need.

SecureMyFirm Products


CrimeBlocker protects you and your firm from infected email links, files and webpages. They are by far the biggest holes in your defenses.

Ransomware and thieves get right through your antivirus protection.

Don't lose money and clients to cyber crime:
Click with confidence!

SecureMyFirm Products


Don't lose your files to ransomware or crashes!

MultiShields Backup preserves your priceless files.

Get back to work fast: lightning recovery speed.

Local, full hard drive and cloud backup options.

Don't worry! Be sure about your backups. We monitor them for you.

SecureMyFirm Products

Huntress Guard Dogs

Your firewall and antivirus are not enough.

Ransomware and attackers slip right through.

Huntress Guard Dogs find and neutralize what all other defenses miss.

With Huntress Guard Dogs constantly patrolling all your computers, you have an professional cybersecurity team on your side.

Customer Reviews

"SecureMyFirm has been a lifesaver for our firm. MultiShields Backup has rescued lost and overwritten files. Plus we know our backups are safely encrypted in a remote data center. Highly recommended!"

"I received the most legitimate-looking email in my inbox. It was from a law firm we know and trust. Fortunately, I didn't click on the fraudulent link, but we're concerned. Anyone in the office could tricked by some clever fake email. That's why we went with CrimeBlocker."

-- Small firm attorney

-- Legal Assistant

About Us

At SecureMyFirm Inc., we specialize in protecting small firms from cyber threats. Our affordable subscriptions ensure the safety and security of your business and your people.

As CEO of SecureMyFirm, my cybersecurity experience began in military service during the Cold War.

I am Wells Anderson, dedicated to protecting you.

My firm defends you against the growing cyber threats to your livelihood and your clients' private information.

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