Our Products

Small law firms face the same threats as large firms.

We offer high levels of protection, comparable to the large firms, at affordable prices.

Most small firms are not well protected.

We are dedicated to protecting you.


Surprisingly affordable protection against:

  • Ransomware that locks up all your files.

  • Extortion based on theft or your clients' documents.

  • Stolen funds and identity theft via fraudulent emails.

Featured product:


CrimeBlocker protects you from infected email links, files and webpages. They are by far the biggest holes in your defenses.

MultiShields Backup

Don't lose your files to ransomware or crashes! MultiShields Backup delivers superior speeds, performance and options.

Huntress Guard Dogs

Your firewall and antivirus are not enough. Huntress Guard Dogs find and neutralize what all other defenses miss.

Webroot Antivirus

Antivirus protection is vital despite its limitations. Webroot won't bother you with false alarms. We monitor it for you.