Stop mobile phishing

How to protect your mobile phone from clever phishing attacks

2/2/20241 min read

If people in your office use their phones for business, you all need mobile protection.

Basic protection - Android and Apple phones have basic security providing some protection. Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store screen for infected apps; however, they are not perfect. One benefit of adding mobile security apps to your phones to defend against infected apps. But there's a more important benefit.

More vulnerable - On your phone, you are likely more vulnerable to being tricked by clever phishing emails and websites. There is less text on the small screen, so it can be harder to notice that the source of a link is fraudulent. You also may be more distracted using your phone because you can be anywhere, not just sitting in front of a computer focused more on work.

Good, free security apps - I did a deep dive into researching security apps for phones. The results:

Bitdefender Mobile Security came out on top. If offers:

  • Free apps for Android and iPhone/iOS

  • Phishing protection - most accurate - free for iPhone, must pay for Android anti-phishing

  • Very low to no performance impact - some other apps slow your phone way down.

  • Detection of infected apps - matching Bitdefender's excellent antivirus test results

  • Automatic scanning - when you install an app

  • Manual scans - run them if you're concerned

A note on Microsoft Defender apps: The free Microsoft app does not protect against phishing. For phishing protection from Microsoft, you would need a Microsoft 365 plan E5 costing $57.00 per user per month.

Bitdefender Mobile Security is free in the Apple App Store and costs $14.99 per user first year and $24.99 per user second year. A better option for multiple phones is Bitdefender Total Security: 5 devices for $49.99 per user first year and $99.99 per user second year.